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God reminded me that I am not alone – even 10,000 km away from my home country. My purpose is to help, love, and INSPIRE other people through my life and testimony.

I came to INSPIRE with my daughter. She was prayed over and we were both touched by the Holy Spirit! Our love for Jesus was renewed and we were refreshed!

God restored my joy! So grateful for all the amazing ladies who preached and shared their testimonies – every word came right on time for me! God bless you all!

“I have never felt so alive, this conference has taught me to not be afraid to share the gospel and inspire the world. “- Anonymous

“Life can be so draining but Inspire has reminded me that Jesus is all I need to face this life.” – Joana M.

“I was dealing with insecurity, low self-esteem and doubting the voice of the Holy Spirit. But praise Jesus for Inspire! Now I know I am enough, I’m valuable, I’m loved and I can be confident in the One who gave His life for me.” – Adi V.