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Global Team
Melinda Henderson

Pastor, Motivator, and Inspirational Speaker. Melinda is a visionary and launched the first INSPIRE in 2017.  She is ordained and has preached the Gospel around the World. Pastor Melinda is passionate to carry the message that every woman and girl can INSPIRE others to know the hope that is only found in Jesus!

I met my husband when I was 13 years old and we’ve been married 33 years. (Summer Church camp is a wonderful thing ❣️) My love language is “gifts”, and I absolutely love to receive them and to give them. Coffee is sort of like a love language too.

Paula Boone
Executive Director

Paula and her husband Mark have been in ministry for over 20 years. Paula is a credentialed minister passionate about discipling, mentoring, and teaching the next generation to develop an intimate relationship with Jesus, discover their purpose, and make a difference.

My happy place is on a beach with my toes in the sand – cool water and warm sun!

Laura Lee
Director of Partner Development

Pastor, Church -Planter, and Inspirational Speaker. Laura has served the local church for 30 years in full-time ministry. In addition, she has served the last 4 years as an Inspire board member and led several missions teams to serve the ladies and girls of Europe. She is excited to serve in the ministry of partner development and connect businesses, churches, and local leaders with the mission of Inspire. Laura’s life- verse is Psalm 145:4; she has dedicated her life to the Generations and is committed to Inspire “the Next Girl.”

What sounds fun to me is the sand, sun, and sounds of 30-A, my fave beach in the world!

Laurita Rivera
Spanish Coordinator

Laurita is a graphic designer who has a heart to inspire women to find their identity in Christ. She loves serving God and His people while bringing ideas to life! She was born and raised in Mexico, is married to a handsome Austrian, and is currently living in Austria.

I enjoy watching movies and series, shopping, and of course, authentic Mexican food! Send tacos, please.

Lorie Lecocq
Office Coordinator

Lorie is a credentialed minister that has been serving in ministry for over 35 years alongside her husband. Most of her experience has been with her heart’s passion- world missions. She has served as a coordinator for missions conventions, outreaches,  and large events and also as a campus pastor.  She loves for people in the local church to experience a missions “GO trip” because it will change their worldview and give them more of a passion for the lost. She always keeps it real while sharing God’s love with others!

I love corgis and I can make a mean pot of gumbo!